On Wed, Sep 15, 2010 at 3:58 PM, Joel Oliveira <joel.olive...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey everyone -
> I ran into something that completely confused me with regards to
> page_factory today.  I installed the gem as per Josh's instruction after
> having installed into vendor/extensions, ran migrations, then removed in
> favor of the gem.    The migrations ran just fine from within
> vendor/extensions and, from what I can tell, copied all assets over.   After
> a first try with the code from master I noticed there were some JS files not
> copied over - so things didn't work.    As I mentioned, I scrapped that with
> hopes the gem would work better.
> sudo gem install radiant-page_factory-extension
> added the gem to environment.rb
> config.gem 'radiant-page_factory-extension', :lib => 'page_factory'
> and checked for available tasks with rake -T.
> Thing is, no page_factory tasks were showing up.   Any idea how come?
> I thought the gem would probably have the latest assets to copy into
> public/javascripts/admin (and they do), but without tasks showing up I was
> left to copy from within the gems source.   Not so bad, but not optimal for
> those that don't know what and where they're looking for things.
> Thoughts?
> - Joel

This is the downside of extensions as gems. Run "rake
radiant:extensions:update_all" and the update task should run. And
"rake db:migrate:extensions" should grab the gems too.

To get the page_factory tasks to show up you'll need to edit your
Rakefile to require the tasks from the page_factory gem. I don't think
we've covered anything about adding this.
Rails 3 will changes things a bit, so for now I'd like to just get by
with running the general tasks that load all extensions (although
patches are of course always welcome!)

Jim Gay
Saturn Flyer LLC

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