To Radiant Contributors,
Thank you for this awesome tool.

I am building a site that will be managing music, videos, pics,
articles, etc.  I am hosting on Heroku and using AWS for asset
storage.  I am using many radiant extensions to add the required

Here is my question.  There will be 1,000's of pages (i.e. song and
video pages).  Is there an extension that makes indexing more
efficient/user friendly.  In other words, in the tree view, not having
1000 children under 1 parent.  I can index alphabetically, by date or
by category, but I will still have 100 children that will expand under
the parent.  Are there any extensions that help make managing this
many pages easier or more efficient??  Or even provide searching
capabilities within the admin site???

Thank You In advance for your input.

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