We've used it with Paperclipped and the Settings extension.

PageFactory and PageParts I haven't tried.

Not sure how much documentation is available.  I'm in the luxurious position of 
asking our developers to install this type of thing, so I'm not going to be 
much help on the finer technical details.


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Looks good. I will install and test tomorrow.

Does this extension work well with PageFactory, PageParts,
Paperclipped and Settings extensions??

Is there any help documentation?

Thank You for your time.

On Sep 21, 10:22 pm, "David Bacon" <dav...@ourpatch.com.au> wrote:
> Sure - I've attached an image, hopefully it will come through.
> The year/month directory structure is automatically created for pages that 
> you set to have the type 'archive'.  It's based on the publication date of 
> the pages.
> The children are contained within the 'month' directory.
> This also affects the URLs on the site, so they would have 
> '/features/2010/09/', which is not ideal in my opinion, but not a deal 
> breaker.
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>   On 9/21/10 9:11 PM, David Bacon wrote:
> > We've used the Admin Tree Structure extension on our sites.  It creates an 
> > automatic year/month directory structure in the admin tools which helps 
> > manage directories with a lot of children.
> > It's part of this extension:
> >http://github.com/jomz/radiant-gorilla-blog-extension
> Could you perhaps post a screenshot somewhere that shows how the admin
> looks with that extension running? The page display on the admin side is
> one of the chief reasons I decided to move a client's site to Wordpress
> and it would be lovely if I didn't have to continue moving the site.
> Wordpress is a nightmare to build templates for. I miss radius tags so
> very much. All the PHP code in the layouts is melting my brain. And it's
> even harder to sift through all the crap plugins to find the ones that
> are actually useful.
> ~Nate
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