Hello all,

I have to start my next project on site5 hosting with SSH access. So, after
several days of hard work I have successfully installed radiant gem and
created a project there. Thanks to site5 support team.
By there are some problems with radiant itself.

First, I have decided to use radiant v0.8.2 because of old usefull
extensions compatibility, but when I have faced with problems which I will
describe in this post I have installed radiant-0.9.1 also and started new

The problems:

   1. When I create any "Home page" or any other page, and then access them
   by url. For example: Created home page (slug: "/") and then:
   http://mysite.com/. Everything is ok, home page displayed. But when I
   trying to access admin interface - http://mysite.com/admin (or any other
   admin url) - home page displayed instead of admin page. After that it is
   possible to access admin interface only after cache of home page will be
   I have found solution for now: completely disable page caching in
   radiant: commented this line "config.middleware.use ::Radiant::Cache" in
   2. I was happy to resolve first problem, because my project deadline is
   Monday (Sep 27) = :(. But, there was another problem with locales. I have
   installed globalize2 extension, configured it - it loads ok. I see locale
   flags in admin interface. But when I click on them to change locale =
   nothing happens... Any ideas?

Hope you will help me, because - I am out of ideas..

Best Regards,
Mamed Mamedov

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