On 11/02/2010 12:12 AM, Jim Gay wrote:>
> Nope. We just have some weird addresses in there with letter/number jumbles 
> that could be anything, and I don't recognize them so i'm just suspicious.
> If you're on the list and quiet, don't worry you may keep reading along and 
> posting when you need.
> Google Groups just does a terrible job of blocking spam, so we have the rules 
> set that once you're in, you're in. If addresses were added before that 
> policy was set, then any spammer could be sitting on the list quietly too.

I notice that too on another list.  A year ago Google groups was so good
with spam.  I wonder what happened or if spammers just started trying
harder.  I'll chim in with a client we recently just got off of
involving blog spam (which might actually be what's happening) what was
happening was there were real people signing up and then the bots would
take over the address after real people signed up.  There is no way to
stop that though, unless everybody has to go through approval but that
would require too much work for an open project lol.

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