On 12 Mar 2011, at 22:18, rosslaird wrote:

> I have the tags extension installed, and I want to try out taggable.
> But it seems that both use a table called "tags," and this causes the
> migration of taggable to halt. I suppose I will have to remove the
> tags extension to install taggable, but if there is another way to do
> this (so that I preserve both extensions) that would be preferable.
> Ideas and suggestions most welcome.

I thought the tags extension used a 'meta_tags' table and MetaTag object? They 
ought to be compatible in the sense that you can install one and then the other 
without destructive side effects.

You might even be able to run them side by side: taggable takes over the 
keywords field where tags adds its own text-to-tags process. I wouldn't 
recommend it, though: there are likely to be odd method-name clashes and some 
admin UI collisions are likely. It will be hard to evaluate them, even if they 



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