On 1 June 2011 23:58, Wes Gamble <we...@att.net> wrote:

> My rake -T list now stops after radiant:import:prototype:stylesheets (no
> unfreeze and no update tasks)
> A fresh install of a Radiant app. shows all of the Radiant tasks I expect,
> including unfreeze and all of the update subtasks.

I can tell you that I have these appearing in my current project running on
RC2 which was created on RC1, but can't really help with fixing broken rake
tasks - I had to abandon a 0.9.1 to RC1 project upgrade for a rebuild of the
project on RC1 specifically because I couldn't access a vast number of rake

You can install on RC2, import your extensions and leverage the existing
database, unless you're looking at debugging the issue, I volunteered to
assist in debugging in my own email but didn't get any interest?


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