On 2 Jun 2011, at 06:16, Paul Noden wrote:

> Hi Jim / Wes,
> > On 6/1/11 9:18 PM, Jim Gay wrote:
> >> Paul, I'm not sure I understand, but I missed your offer for
> >> debugging: I accept!
> Jim - Am very happy to help however I can - I want to get involved in 
> Radiant, probably have most to contribute to extension development but happy 
> to pitch in when I gain familiarity. Priority for me is shipping a project on 
> 1.0.0 (having trouble with the reader extensions, if I can get some help off 
> list to check my configurations before I go reporting a non-issue on github 
> I'd certainly appreciate it! I have need for a few days of a radiant 
> freelancer asap! )

I've just started bringing reader and forum up to date for v1. Do let me know 
what you've got.


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