Abder -

I am working on something that is similar for someone - Upgrading a site
that is already existing and porting it to Radiant.

I started with working on a Template -

Figured out what existing Extensions were available -


And now I am working on moving and re-doing the content to make it look good.

I know that I will need to "roll my own" extensions or do some other
coding and there are tutorials on how to do that in the wiki )but I
haven't gotten that far)

Hope this helps some.


> Hi,
> I'm new to Radiant and may have overseen this in the existing docs,
> but I couldn't figure out yet how to integrate Radiant into an already
> existing (huge) application. My idea is not only to replace the public
> pages by the CMS but also to use some snippets from the existing app
> inside the Radiant pages. Can somebody please give me a hint to find
> the best way to do this?
> Thanks,
> Abder

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