I've got plans to try to tackle this problem and get a better idea of
the solution, but here's the traditional answer:

1) Move your code into an extension (here's an example of an app that
became a public extension http://ext.radiantcms.org/extensions/12-ba )
2) Run 2 applications ( move your authentication/authorization outside
of the 2 apps and have them live side-by-side )
3) Edit radiant code directly and run it as an app (DON'T DO THIS, you
will run into trouble as the projects progress)

And what I'd like to try is

4) Use a radiant instance and add the Rails.root app directories into
the load path (they aren't there by default) and move all your code
over there. The hiccups here are surely going to be in loading routes,
but perhaps elsewhere.

That's what I want to try. If you beat me to it, please reply with
details. This is a common problem and I'd like to make it easier to do
this in the core.


On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 1:30 PM,  <a...@akhlah.com> wrote:
> Abder -
> I am working on something that is similar for someone - Upgrading a site
> that is already existing and porting it to Radiant.
> I started with working on a Template -
> https://github.com/radiant/radiant/wiki/Make-a-Template-from-an-existing-site
> Figured out what existing Extensions were available -
> https://github.com/radiant/radiant/wiki/#extensions
> And now I am working on moving and re-doing the content to make it look good.
> I know that I will need to "roll my own" extensions or do some other
> coding and there are tutorials on how to do that in the wiki )but I
> haven't gotten that far)
> Hope this helps some.
> Al
>> Hi,
>> I'm new to Radiant and may have overseen this in the existing docs,
>> but I couldn't figure out yet how to integrate Radiant into an already
>> existing (huge) application. My idea is not only to replace the public
>> pages by the CMS but also to use some snippets from the existing app
>> inside the Radiant pages. Can somebody please give me a hint to find
>> the best way to do this?
>> Thanks,
>> Abder

Jim Gay
Saturn Flyer LLC

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