I am consistently impressed with how helpful and friendly people are
to another on this list. It's good to see. And I wonder about the role
that geek practices such as the agile methodology play in this kind of
friendly behavior. I've been reading more about agile and related
practices (I am a writer, not a programmer), and I have been surprised
at the emphasis, in those practices, on ethics such as collaboration,
authenticity, appropriate conflict resolution, and so on. In Lyssa
Adkins' book  "Coaching Agile Teams," she emphasizes values such as
courage, focus, respect, and openness. As someone with a professional
background in counselling, I can't help but notice how much overlap
there is between agile values and counselling values. It's very
heartening to see such deep, resonant, ancient human values at work in
contemporary practices such as software development. And the Radiant
community, more than any other software development community that
I've encountered, embodies those values in the communications on this
forum. Thanks for walking your talk.

Now, to my question: I'm looking for an ecommerce solution, to
integrate with Radiant, that will allow me to sell my books (three of
them) and my consulting services on my website (I'm running Radiant
0.9.1). Is something like Shopify a good option, or is there a simpler
(or better) solution for someone like me?

Thanks in advance.

Ross Laird

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