I'm glad people like the feedback...

Paul, do you have anyplace on the web where I can track the
development of your extension?
I suppose paypal does seem like the easiest solution.


On Jun 20, 7:58 am, Paul Noden <nod...@nodster.co.uk> wrote:
> On 20 June 2011 15:28, Steven Southard <ste...@stevensouthard.com> wrote:
> > Paypal?  It's only three items so a full on shopping cart seems overkill.
> >  Paypal would integrate well into what you have now and seems pretty
> > legitimate in this day and age.
> Indeed, I've just implemented an extension which will be public soon which
> deals with paypal payments on top of the reader extension. Will cater for
> different sized payments within the next week or so. Provides validation
> that payment has been processed (automatically via PayPal IPN) but
> deliberately isn't designed to be a shopping cart such as
> radiant-shop-extension which may otherwise be worth a look.
> Paul

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