Dave Akins said the following on 06/29/2011 01:08 PM:
> I am using Dreamhost for my site if that makes a difference. (Runs on
> phusion)

:-) So am I

> Am anxious to try 1.0. Thanks to everyone making that happen.
> My question is what is the best way to have a fool proof backup before
> upgrading?

The sole purpose of a backup is to be able to a restore.
Many people forget that, not least of all some of the managers I've
worked for - but those Horror Stories, and they are 'Horrible', are not
the point here.

The only reason for a backup is to be able to restore to the prior state.

> I tried the backup extension, but it would not install for me. I was a
> bit concerned anyway since if I break my installation, the extension
> couldn't reinstall my prior working site, could it?

No, but that's beside the point.

You want to _restore_ two things: code and data.

Code:  Copy your code to a backup directory and make a note what gems
were used.  I have this bad habit of trying to include the gems :-/

Data: back up the database

... read on ...

> I've been keeping regular mysql backups made through phpMyAdmin.
> * Could there be any gotchas there? You can download CSV, SQL, tons of
> other options.

The only issue is 'can you restore it?'
Dreamhost take backups of the SQL database as a matter of course.
I've hosed a (Wordpress) upgrade and restored from the previous days
backup using their on-line tools.  Scary ("OMG! I've hosed my DB!!") but
not difficult.

> ** What is the best way to back it up. I'm guessing I need structure and
> data to recreate a corrupted dB if that should happen.

The automatic backups are quite sufficient.
You can take a datadump (CSV etc...) if you want but there is no need.

The only time I've done anything like that is when I've developed and
populated an application on my laptop and moved it to Dreamhost.

> *** Or can I recreate the site and dB through radiant then upload my data?

That sounds like a lot of unnecessary detailed hard work to me.

> ** I also download my gems directory.

You mean ~/.gems
That is prudent.
Dreamhost are not aggressive about updating /usr/lib/ruby/..../gems/...
so you are very dependent on your local repository.

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