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> Would it be beneficial to have a dreamhost-radiant best practices
> discussion? Do you use virtual or private servers? What are your findings in
> terms of resourcing/load etc.
I ended up going with a VPS at 380Mb of memory for $19/month.
I use 2-300 normal, and 3-400 when updating/creating pages.

I was just getting too many failed to start phusion pages.
I do still on occasion get a blank page when updating or creating pages.
Very rarely I still get a 500 server error.
So far it's just me as admin, about 150 pages on the site, only 10-30 unique
visitors / day.
I do have several extension: copy move and reorder, paperclipped, ray, tags,
settings, sns, dashboard, and 2 quote-du-jours per page.

> Looking forward to hearing your experiences, perhaps one day radiant could
> become a dreamhost one-click or scripted install (I've found that memory
> usage currently runs a little high for the limitations on a standard plan),
> but there is a healthy niche for it since developer/design teams quite like
> dreamhost...
> Paul
When I asked about getting it as a one-click, they said to put in a request
where people vote on it. No luck.

God Bless
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