Would it be beneficial to have a dreamhost-radiant best practices
discussion? Do you use virtual or private servers? What are your findings in
terms of resourcing/load etc.

I've found the current default passenger configuration is much more radiant
friendly than the radiant wiki suggests (one server's settings may not apply
more generally however), the only modification I had to make to my
environment.rb - once all the gems were installed (a user gems directory was
enabled for me by default) - was adding config.gem "rack", :version =>
'1.1.0' to the top of the config block since I currently have radiant::
cache disabled... Looking into fragment cache.

Looking forward to hearing your experiences, perhaps one day radiant could
become a dreamhost one-click or scripted install (I've found that memory
usage currently runs a little high for the limitations on a standard plan),
but there is a healthy niche for it since developer/design teams quite like


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