On 1 Jul 2011, at 15:22, Bob Sleys wrote:

> I guess my little test didn't go far enough to see it work
> How do you import one sass style sheet into antoher IE.
> is is possible to do something like this?
> // In this file you should write your main styles or centralize your imports
> // Automatically imports compass/CSS3 and compass/Utilities
> // See http://compass-style.org/docs/reference/compass/
> @import compass
> // Other custom styles
> @import partials/grid
> @import partials/solarize
> @import partials/main
> @import partials/page_header
> @import partials/page_nav
> @import partials/page_footer
> @import partials/flashes

I don't think you can do that at the moment. I'm not even sure it possible, 
since the compiled sass is only accessible over http. There is nothing in the 
filesystem to @import. I do agree that it's desirable, though. Perhaps Jim has 


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