John and Will -- thanks, getting a bit closer to getting the assets working.

I had to manually run the radiant:extensions:clipped:initialize task to
create the config/initializers/clipped_config.rb file. It wasn't created
automatically by the upgrade. The portion that relates to filesystem assets
looks like:

  # The default settings
  # config["paperclip.url"] =
  # config["paperclip.path"] =
  # config[""] = "filesystem"
  # config["paperclip.skip_filetype_validation"] = true
  # config["assets.max_asset_size"] = 5 # megabytes
  # config["assets.display_size"] = "normal"
  # config["assets.insertion_size"] = "normal"
  # config["assets.create_image_thumbnails?"] = true
  # config["assets.create_video_thumbnails?"] = true
  # config["assets.create_pdf_thumbnails?"] = true
  # Check
  # for more details on ImageMagick settings for thumbnail generation
  # config["assets.thumbnails.image"] =
  # config[""] =
  # config["assets.thumbnails.pdf"] =

My assets are in <radiant root>/public/assets and the one that I'm
focussing on is <radiant_root>/public/assets/14/Banner_1.jpg. I've tried
pretty much every combination I can think of with paperclip.url and
paperclip.path and the closest I've come is this:

        config["paperclip.url"] =
        config["paperclip.path"] =

which produces this:

        404 [http://localhost/public/assets/14/Banner_1.jpg]

Because I'm running script/server and using port 3000, I think the url
should be


but shouldn't the extension take care of that somehow?

Thanks again for the help. Looks like some small tweak and we're done.

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