hey Jim,

Nice to hear that! I found radiant-refactor in your 
and notice that you gave up on has_ancestry pretty early, may I ask why?
I think I can spend some time on radiant in the coming weeks, any pointers?


Op woensdag 18 april 2012 21:41:34 UTC+2 schreef Jim Gay het volgende:
> Hey everybody,
> Radiant development has been quiet, but it's still under development.
> I'm currently on a project using Radiant and planned to do a lot of
> development to move it forward. Unfortunately the project I've
> inherited had a lot of serious problems that need some major surgery.
> This has kept me from pushing code for Radiant.
> I've been doing some work to get to a place where we can move to Rails 3 
> faster.
> Tonight I'll be hacking with others at Arlington Ruby
> (http://arlingtonruby.org) and will be working with people interested.
> I've shared ideas about CMS with Patrick Peak of BrowserCMS and he'll
> be there helping me move things along.
> My current plan is to make a new clean project and pull things into
> the engine to eventually feedback to Radiant proper. I'll update the
> mailing list with details soon.
> -Jim
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