I forgot to mention this: I'm doing what I can to drop dataset. It's a
test dependency that seemingly noone else uses and I have no desire to
maintain it myself.

On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 9:46 PM, Jim Gay <j...@saturnflyer.com> wrote:
> Yeah. I gave up because I'm just trying to get things to a working state.
> I jumped the gun on pulling it in, but here's what I'm up to (I've
> been meaning to write this out for a while now):
> I've created a shell engine where I'm just moving code over from the
> radiant repo to get tests to pass.
> Adding ancestry was something I hadn't looked at yet and had some
> failing specs, so I just backed it out to handle later.
> This exercise has shown me just how tightly coupled our code and tests
> are but I'm not planning to refactor. I just want to get things
> working as an engine and move from there.
> I'd like to be able to remove users and layouts and only have the
> minimum needed to manage pages from an existing app. So if you already
> have your own users, Radiant would just require that you hook into it
> to make the association.
> Likewise, layouts could be something different entirely and I'm
> working with some ideas with this code
> https://github.com/dissolved/radiant-file-system-resources-extension
> Things have been slow and I was trying to think of the best way to
> open the code up to the community. We can fork my repo to the radiant
> organization and manage things there.
> I started with new code just so I could have a clean slate.
> Advice and contributions are welcome, but what do you think we ought
> to do with this project on github? Should I make a clean branch having
> no history in radiant/radiant? Or should I fork it and create
> radiant/radiant-refactor?
> On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 7:12 PM, Benny Degezelle
> <be...@gorilla-webdesign.be> wrote:
>> hey Jim,
>> Nice to hear that! I found radiant-refactor in your githubz, and notice that
>> you gave up on has_ancestry pretty early, may I ask why?
>> I think I can spend some time on radiant in the coming weeks, any pointers?
>> Regards,
>> Benny
>> Op woensdag 18 april 2012 21:41:34 UTC+2 schreef Jim Gay het volgende:
>>> Hey everybody,
>>> Radiant development has been quiet, but it's still under development.
>>> I'm currently on a project using Radiant and planned to do a lot of
>>> development to move it forward. Unfortunately the project I've
>>> inherited had a lot of serious problems that need some major surgery.
>>> This has kept me from pushing code for Radiant.
>>> I've been doing some work to get to a place where we can move to Rails 3
>>> faster.
>>> Tonight I'll be hacking with others at Arlington Ruby
>>> (http://arlingtonruby.org) and will be working with people interested.
>>> I've shared ideas about CMS with Patrick Peak of BrowserCMS and he'll
>>> be there helping me move things along.
>>> My current plan is to make a new clean project and pull things into
>>> the engine to eventually feedback to Radiant proper. I'll update the
>>> mailing list with details soon.
>>> -Jim
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