I've pushed out version 1.1.0.rc1 of Radiant.

Contributors have been fixing bugs and cleaning up the features.
I've been working to modularize the project even more. Snippets, for
example, will require that you add them in your Gemfile.

gem "radiant-snippets-extension", "1.1.0.alpha"

Snippets can be pulled out of Radiant if you like. Also, I recently
added file system support to Snippets. You can create your own
snippets in:


And you can use this code to load it up:

<r:snippet name="my_snippet" />

Currently there are 2 lists of snippets: ones from the database, and
those from the filesystem. For now this works, but I'd like to combine
them into one paginated list
If anyone can contribute to working with WillPaginate to make that
happen, please help out!

I plan to add this same file system support to Layouts as well.

Please try it out and send your feedback.


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