Are you sure you're using the right Radiant?  The current version is 1.1.0
and Rails is vendored in at version 2.3.14 (so you don't need to bundle in
rails 3).

On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 9:41 PM, Ken MacKenzie <> wrote:

> I am having an issue with radiant.
> Stack
> Freebsd 8.3
> SQL Lite (for now)
> Rails 3.2
> Ruby 1.9.3
> Radient 2.0.8
> Apache22
> OK so my setup is a symbolic link under my domain to the public folder of
> the radiant app.  Apache is setup to send this to rails.  so it is
> That works to navigate to the radiant instance but pretty much all the
> links in radiant point to instead of
>  So therefore the links aren't
> working.  I type them correctly in the browser url the pages work though.
>  So how do I set a base url in radiant.
> I am new to radiant and rails but none of the other rails apps I have
> setup have behaved this way.
> Ken

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