Hi Ken,

I think what you're missing is that in config/production.rb you need to set:

ActionController::Base.relative_url_root = "/CMS"

Op dinsdag 6 november 2012 03:41:46 UTC+1 schreef Ken MacKenzie het 
> I am having an issue with radiant.
> Stack
> Freebsd 8.3
> SQL Lite (for now)
> Rails 3.2
> Ruby 1.9.3
> Radient 2.0.8
> Apache22
> OK so my setup is a symbolic link under my domain to the public folder of 
> the radiant app.  Apache is setup to send this to rails.  so it is 
> mydomain.com/CMS
> That works to navigate to the radiant instance but pretty much all the 
> links in radiant point to mydomain.com/radiant/whatever instead of 
> mydomain.com/CMS/radiant/whatever.  So therefore the links aren't 
> working.  I type them correctly in the browser url the pages work though. 
>  So how do I set a base url in radiant.
> I am new to radiant and rails but none of the other rails apps I have 
> setup have behaved this way.
> Ken

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