Hi everybody,
I updated from Radiant 1.0.1 to Radiant 1.1.1 using Bundler, and now all my
extensions have disappeared.  It's only stock extensions anyway -- archive,
clipped, debug, exporter, markdown_filter, sheets, site_templates,
smarty_pants, & textile -- but they're broken.  I tried adding them in the
Gemfile to no avail.

I've been hesitant to use any non-stock extensions with Radiant 1.0 due to
the fact that the vast majority of them listed at
http://ext.radiantcms.org/do not list compatibility with the new

So, with this Radiant install, it's been straight vanilla.  After reading
around, it seems like Radiant is stable at 1.1.1 and will be broken until a
new version comes out meant only for use with Ruby 1.9.  So, I thought I
would upgrade since my Radiant 1.0.1 site has random downtimes all the
time, and now I have no website at all.

Please help?


Derek R. Austin


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