There's about 4 people on the irc, the project on github has build errors 
and its dependancies are out of date, the last update of your average 
extension is around *three years ago*, whenever I run the server I'm 
greeted with dozens of warnings about insecure protocols and the like. 
What's going on guys? Quite excited about this cms, seemed just what I 
needed, but things seem very out of date.

And why is the directory structure on your project on your github page 
completely different to the directory structure generated by the latest 
gem? And why doesn't the project have an 'app' directory? It's the weirdest 
thing I've ever encountered (after the amount I've spent with rails, an 
application without a app directory is like a person running around without 
a head).

Bizzare. What's going on?


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