When I first found Radiant five years ago, Rails had barely arrived at 
version 2.3. The plugin system of Radiant was plain awesome, as it allowed 
me to customize both UI and models, having migrations and whatnot. Rails 
could not do that back then. Radiant was great, I used it very successfully 
for a number of client projects.

*[btw, there's a nice interview with 
 the history of Radiant]

Times have changed though. Radiant features a number of ingenious but 
bizarre hacks (extension UIs, I'm looking at you, also the tag system) that 
make it both hard to understand for novices and hard to maintain at the 
same time. The whole plugin ecosystem relies on mechanisms that should have 
been Rails engines today – but these simply did not exist when the plugin 
system was implemented. Now we have hundreds of extensions, some of them so 
wildly outdated that it's actually a miracle how they still work. But 
drastically changing how plugins should be implemented would almost break 
them all. So what?

To me it seems as if projects like the comfortable mexican 
sofa<https://github.com/comfy/comfortable-mexican-sofa>adopted really great 
concepts of Radiant, like the idea of 
layouts/pages/snippets, while staying compatible with standard Rails at the 
same time. I'm not sure if Radiant will be able to make the transition to a 
modern Rails application, without major rewrites and loosing compatibility 
to all its previous versions. I'm not even sure if it'd be worth the 
effort: I loved Radiant for allowing me to quickly build a site without too 
much hassle. The sites I built that way could be rewritten just as easily 
using something else today.

Truth be told, I'm keeping my Radiant sites up as long as I can but I do 
not plan to create new sites using Radiant as it is today. The same applies 
to my extensions: They served a very specific purpose at the time I wrote 
them. No need to update them while there's almost no possibility that I 
might reuse them for something new.

Just my $.02 Regards,


On Wednesday, May 22, 2013 6:08:59 PM UTC+2, Julian Hurley wrote:
> There's about 4 people on the irc, the project on github has build errors 
> and its dependancies are out of date, the last update of your average 
> extension is around *three years ago*, whenever I run the server I'm 
> greeted with dozens of warnings about insecure protocols and the like. 
> What's going on guys? Quite excited about this cms, seemed just what I 
> needed, but things seem very out of date.
> And why is the directory structure on your project on your github page 
> completely different to the directory structure generated by the latest 
> gem? And why doesn't the project have an 'app' directory? It's the weirdest 
> thing I've ever encountered (after the amount I've spent with rails, an 
> application without a app directory is like a person running around without 
> a head).
> Bizzare. What's going on?


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