Thank you for your assistance.  I have given up on using the radiant 
project as it stands. I think it is one of the most promising CMS systems 
around, but that it just hasn't been maintained in a useful manor. 

In short, as a full time ruby on rails developer it is much easier for me 
to roll my own system, and add in the features I want then it is to patch 
these current extensions and so on to get "close to what I want."

I think Radiant was a super important part of making rails what is is 
today, but my hope for it was to launch a simple, maintenance free site 
that required less work to get running then building my own from scratch. 
This was accomplished for a public facing site, that just held content, but 
now that I need a feature not in core, it's just not the right tool for the 

While this is a "Radiant" problem, I do not think it's a problem with 
radiant. I think the rails bar has been lowered enough for me (and many 
other developers) to the point that it's simpler to "roll your own" then to 
fix dated extensions. This is perhaps why so many of the extensions are out 
of date. For example Making a CMS from scratch that has the features I want 
for this hobby project, 10-15 hours. I have spent close to that already, 
looking for extensions, and trying to get other extensions (not just member 
login) to work. And Simple password while it would technically "do what I 
need it to" is still just http auth, and not a full session. 

I think radiant is a project to keep my eye on, and be aware of, but right 
now adding a gem to a gem file and bundle installing is easier then 
installing an extension, and instead of a system that I have to train my 
self to use, I can just use all my rails in a new system with less effort. 

All of that said, I do still think radiant has a place for CMS based 
content, where all of your features are "core" features, or are in 
supported plugins. Sadly that is just not the case in this instance. 

Thank you again for your help, don't taking my ranting to negatively. I 
think radiant is a great project, and certainly one of historical 
importance. Just not a good fit for me personally in the place I wanted to 
use it. 

On Tuesday, August 20, 2013 9:14:53 AM UTC-4, Benny Degezelle wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> I remembered and found a fork of simple_password that enables having 
> multiple users.
> You can find it here:
> Just judging from that network graph, it looks like you will have to patch 
> it to work with radiant 1. (requiring application_controller i.o. 
> application)
> Again just from looking at the network; if simple_password still works in 
> radiant 1, then so should not_so_simple_password except for the 
> aforementioned patch.
> Regards,
> Benny
> Op maandag 19 augustus 2013 17:18:05 UTC+2 schreef Robert Cotey:
>> Thank's for the input but I have tried most of those. Simple_password is 
>> the only working choice, and it's simple. If I could have multiple users in 
>> there I would be OK with that. But so far I can't figure it out. Spreedly 
>> may work, I'm not sure, it's not what I want. The others are just broken in 
>> the current version of radiant.  
>> Thanks again for the input but I'm afraid I may still need more 
>> suggestions.
>> On Sunday, August 18, 2013 10:36:36 PM UTC-4, Jim Gay wrote:
>>> You might be able to find something here: 
>>> Or at least get some ideas for how you can implement it. 
>>> Radiant is out of date, but we're working on it. I still love it and 
>>> it's still getting attention. 
>>> On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 10:55 AM, Robert Cotey <> 
>>> wrote: 
>>> > Is there a plugin that I can use to restrict access to view pages, 
>>> only if 
>>> > your in a certain group? I have tried Reader and I haven't been able 
>>> to get 
>>> > it cleanly install. RBAC seems like a maybe but again, doesn't seem 
>>> like a 
>>> > good fit. 
>>> > 
>>> > I would like to make a section that is public facing and a section 
>>> that 
>>> > requires "membership". It's seems like this should be stupidly common, 
>>> but I 
>>> > can't seem to find a working extension. That said, it also seems like 
>>> > Radiant is about 3 years (or more) behind everything else. I don't 
>>> have a 
>>> > problem with that, I'm just hoping I didn't fall in love with a dead 
>>> project 
>>> > that no one supports. 
>>> > 
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