On Wed, 17 Feb 1999, Andrzej Blaszczyk wrote:

> I am new on this list and still hesitate to buy a Radiator radius. I work
> for big ISP. I would like to know something from users' point of view. 

You can always ask for an evaluation version and test it for yourself.  We
did and are very satisfied with Radiator.
> Is this software stable and easy configurable for medium qualified system
> administrator? Is it open enough in growing ISP environment? Is it

Software is fairly stable, but there are constantly new features being 
added so bugs are bound to appear.  I would suggest your test it in your
environment to make sure it works for you.  And with each new release do
your own regression testing to make sure nothing breaks.  That is what we
do and we have not had any serious problems.  Actually sometimes we find
bugs during our testing and the authors have been very responsive (I mean
hours or within the day!) and has a new patch for us to try.

> efficient to build a distributed network of radiuses in above 50 access
> points of presence with above 2000 users in each POP. What infrastructure

That would be 100,000 users in your network?  Do they all have individual
accounts?  We don't have nearly that many, perhaps 40,000 unique entries in
users file.   

> do you suggest to keep one main database of users and distributed databes
> in different areas (different area codes)? What scheme of replication
> between radius boxes could be suitable and does Radiator radius will work
> efficiently on 50 POPs with 2000 different users on each POP? For how many
> users was the Radiator planned?

We use DBM for the authentication database (use DB2 if you plan to do this,
the default SDBM format gets HUGE).  There are stored on a central server
and changes are made to it with direct DBM manipulation.  Once an hour
the database is replicated to our two authentication servers using rsync.
Other users have had success with direct database authentication, but we
haven't done this yet.

I do not know how you plan to deploy your Radius in a distributed environment.
If you used a database authentication method, not sure how you would keep
the databases in sync.  That's one of the reasons why we started with DBM
file.  You can always consider using the AuthBy RADIUS feature to do proxy
authentication.  But not sure if this would be useful to distribute load
as the proxies would do twice the work.
> I have one more question. There is a lack of abonament feature in Radiator
> radius and this can be achieved with Radius using Platypus package. The
> Platypus package works on MS SQL which we rather not prefer and it costs a
> little. This feature enables the control of the time that is prepaid by
> the user and after this time is acceeded no more logging will be possible
> for that user. When the time is acceeded during active session this
> session should be closed immediately. It is good for parents that like to
> buy an Internet access for their children but want to have some impact.
> Is there any other freeware solution (differnet from using Platypus) or
> are there any suggestions where/how to patch the Radiator to achieve this
> feature in decribed above environment of POPs.

With the pre-paid time, there is an example in the Radiator documentation
under DB authentication.  If you use DB auth, you can have a field which 
keeps track of the session time used by the user (via the accounting records).
Then when you auth, you pull out the session time remaining and send this
as the Session-Timeout return value.  The NAS should kick the user off after
the remaining time.  I have not done this, but in theory it would work.
We thought about doing the same kind of thing for our users.

> Any help will be apreciated.

I would suggest you test out Radiator for yourself.  You'll find that it
is by far the best Radius product out there.  And this mailing list is
active, so you can always have your questions answered.

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