On Wed, Feb 17, 1999 at 04:47:37PM -0600, Andrew wrote:
> Radiator continues to perform very nicely, but I'm at a loss on two little
> things.
> First, we're seeing duplicate ID errors, but what's odd is that they come
> in bursts.  Things will be just fine for a long time, then suddenly I'll
> see a bevy duplicate request errors from several different NASs within
> about ten seconds of each other.  Any ideas?

CPU load on the machine is another 'duplicate generator'. We have Ciscos
sending RADIUS packets with a 5 second retransmit, when the machine was
being backed up or processing accounts Radiator wasn't able to respond
in time and the Ciscos sent more packets. Increasing the retransmit to
20 seconds decreased duplicates from many thousand a month to a couple of
hundred (still not quite acceptable but not downright awful).

This is especially annoying given that Ciscos generate 'undetectable'
duplicate packets which Radiator cannot distinguish (Accounting Ids
increment with every packet including retransmits).


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