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>HI Elliot,
>Radiator does not flock log files. It always opens, writes and closes for
>every entry, so you can safely rotate any time you like.

So if I had an exclusive flock on the detail file, what would radiator
do when it tried to open the file?  Would it crash?  Wait?

>It might be helpful to use the special characters in the AcctLogFileName to
>write to a different file each month (or day or whatever) so you wont have
>to even rotate them.

Actually, this is what I do right now.  The reason for going back to
using a single file name is because I want to put a perl script using
File::Tail on the file so that I can keep an up-to-date list of
username-ip pairs available at all times.  I'm going to be writing
some CGI scripts that depend on them.

Is this something that radiator can already do with an SQL database?

>Hope that helps.
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>From: Elliot Finley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Date: Monday, March 01, 1999 2:40 PM
>Subject: (RADIATOR) Q: detail buffering
>     If I have radiator logging detail to /some/detail, and I want to
>do something like this on the first or second day of each month:
>mv /some/detail /some/tmp
>process /some/tmp and extract last month's records
>rewrite /some/tmp to contain only this month's records
>cat /some/tmp /some/detail > /some/detail
>Does radiator use flock locking?  Will I lose data doing this?  What
>about if I just flock /some/detail and process it in place and rewrite
>it to contain only this months records, will I lose data then?  Will
>radiator buffer any accounting records while /some/detail is locked?


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