I had a similar problem, but not on this scale.  I noticed that for each 
login to my hiperarc, I got 2 starts and 2 stops when the user logged 
out.  I fixed this by not setting any accounting secondary_servers.  I 
ended up setting my primary server and the first backup to the primary 
server and leaving the rest of the accounting fields at  Since I 
have 2 radiators, this works well.

John Kicklighter
Internet 2xtreme

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Date sent:              Tue, 9 Mar 1999 12:33:02 -0500
Subject:                (RADIATOR) why does it keep duplicating accounting entries?
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> OK, after getting BSDI and Radiator to work together on authenticating, 
> I've run into another problem.
> If I dial into the USR TC chassis which has Radiator as its radius 
> server, I get authenticated and an accounting Start message gets 
> written to /var/log/radius/detail.  Then, after being online 2-3 
> minutes, I can look at the detail file again and find that there are 
> about 20 more duplicate entries of the same thing.  They all have the 
> same session-id.  Whenever I drop the connection, the same thing 
> happens with the Stop records.
> Unfortunately, this doesn't even stop after I've disconnected.  The 
> file continues to grow long after I've disconnected.
> A 'kill -HUP' doesn't help.
> If I hard kill the radius server, even -this- does NOT clear up the 
> problem.
> It makes me wonder if
> (a) the USR TC chassis is just sending DUPE accounting messages
> (b) the USR is expecting some type of confirmation which it is not 
> receiving
> (c) Radiator is not working properly
> (d) there's .cfg items I don't know about
> I read that the default DupInterval is 60 seconds.  I suppose I could 
> set that to 300 seconds or thereabouts, but that is a bandaid.  I want 
> to know why these dupe accounting packets are being sent in the first 
> place.
> Any help appreciated.
> Craig Thompson
> WingNET System Administrator
> 423-559-LINK (v)
> 423-559-5444 (f)
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