I have been working hard to get radiator up and running the past couple of
days in conjuntion with a Time Watcher program and have succeeded in doing
so with little stress. Thanks to all those that have contributed to my
questions especially Mike, Tom and Remi. The radius server has passed it's
first successful test (24 hours) and is proving to be a great product and
I am extremely pleased to have purchased it.

I do have one little query though as always :)) Does the Time function
work with all Terminal Servers I.E. Livingston Port Masters?

I have been playing with the users file as you do, and have added this to
one of the test users;

-- Snipety Snip ---
wally        Auth-Type = System
             Time = "Al0600-0800", <- tried with and without the comma :\
             Service-Type = Framed-User,
             Framed-Protocol = PPP,
             Framed-MTU = 1500,
             Framed-IP-Address =
-- End da snip ---

Any suggestions would be great.


Paul Thornton.

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