Hi Stephen,

Fantastic work with this and the TotalControl patch too.
I will be only too happy to push out a patch.

On Mar 28,  4:47pm, Stephen Roderick wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) AscendSNMP
> I have had no luck with the AscendSNMP NasType so I did a little research
> and here is the MIB that I found works:
> $Radius::Nas::AscendMIB.$session_id
> This will return the name of the user logged in with that session_id. The
> important thing is that it can show the user as "steve" or
> "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" depending on how they logged in. So I was guessing
> that:
> if ($result =~ /^.*\"([^"\@]+)["\@].*$/)

I guess that will strip off the realm name, which will match if you are using a
RewriteUsername prior to authentication?

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