I think I've found a problem with the duplicate detection in 
Radiator. Basic scenario looks like this:

1. Cisco NAS sends an Access-Request
2. Radiator sends an Access-Accept
3. Packet is lost*
4. Cisco NAS gets impatient and sends another Access-Request**
5. Radiator ignores the packet and logs it as a duplicate
[..] repeat until Cisco gives up and drops the user

* yes it's bad the packet is being lost, but RADIUS should recover from that.
** bloody Cisco would make the Access-Requests identifier unique, but NOT
the Accounting-Requests.

        Would it be possible to tune the duplicate detection so that it
only works on certain RADIUS bits? (and make it work with the non-unique
Cisco Accounting-Requests). 

(Mike, I have a trace if you want).


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