Greetings.  I am Bolan, a network/systems admin for Lamar Electric
Internet, an ISP in Paris, Texas.

We have Platypus on an NT box, using MS SQLServer 6.5 as the
database engine.  Platypus is configured to emulate Emerald, and
is expecting authorization to work like Radius NT.  Right now,
we have Radiator running on an NT box other than the database

We want to use Radiator on a Linux box
(Redhat 5.2, soon to be 6.0).  I've built DBI, DBD::ODBC, Storable,
PlRPC, Net::Daemon, and iODBC, but haven't been able to knit
it all together the right way to get test authorizations working.

I'd appreciate some advice on what I'm missing.  Can someone
give me an outline of how I should configure these above modules,
drivers and driver managers, or at least some serious clues?

Thanks in advance.

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