Hi Bolan,

On May 13,  3:46pm, Bolan Meek wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) set-up & configuration recipe needed
> Greetings.  I am Bolan, a network/systems admin for Lamar Electric
> Internet, an ISP in Paris, Texas.
> We have Platypus on an NT box, using MS SQLServer 6.5 as the
> database engine.  Platypus is configured to emulate Emerald, and
> is expecting authorization to work like Radius NT.  Right now,
> we have Radiator running on an NT box other than the database
> server.
> We want to use Radiator on a Linux box
> (Redhat 5.2, soon to be 6.0).  I've built DBI, DBD::ODBC, Storable,
> PlRPC, Net::Daemon, and iODBC, but haven't been able to knit
> it all together the right way to get test authorizations working.
> I'd appreciate some advice on what I'm missing.  Can someone
> give me an outline of how I should configure these above modules,
> drivers and driver managers, or at least some serious clues?

There is a discussion about this in the Radiator FAQ at

On linux, the best way is to get the free Linux Sybase AXE server, and use
DBD-Sybase to get from Unix to MS-SQL (MS-SQL 6.5 is conmpatible with Sybase)

Hope that helps. Cheers.

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