I am trying to set up Radiator to initially use my legacy "users" file.

In this file, there are two issues that I can't see solutions to:

1. Radiator expects User-Password = "string", but the legacy file has 
entries in the format Password = "string".  Or is this just a matter of 
making a dictionary entry like:

ATTRIBUTE       Password        2       string

If so, would this be in addition to the incumbent User-Password entry or 
would it be instead of it?

2. Some (OK, lots) of the "strings"s are "UNIX" - meaning that the 
radiusd should use system routines to verify the username and supplied 
password against the system passwd/shadow password file.  I can't see a 
reference to doing this with Radiator.

I realise that I could massage the legacy users file, but this would 
somewhat defeat my purpose as there are routines etc in place to maintain 
this file and the ultimate agenda is to to move to an AuthBy SQL solution.

Anyone got any hints/pointers/solutions?


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