On 6/3/99 at 7:43 AM Mike McCauley wrote:

>Hi Ryan,
>On Jun 2, 11:51am, ryanm wrote:
>> Subject: (RADIATOR) Logfile size
>> Hello everyone,
>> I am curious what size my daily logfiles will be with 10000+ logins
>> a day. I am doing some capicity planning and want to add a couple
>> disks to store logging info on. I would appreciate any average
>> sizes you have. I have looked at the entries in the detail log
>That logic seems quite reasonable. I have seen similar numbers elsewhere. I
>would certainly advocate compression too.

IMHO, compression has a major drawback: it make the files difficult to search in. If 
you want to give your users a way to check their connection statistics online, this is 
a problem. Note that even without compression, making an fgrep in a 250MB file to get 
the statistics for a given login out of it can be a killer for the server, specially 
of you have lots of users making statistics requests through the web. But... without 
going as far as putting everything in a database (yeah, I know I can be a PITA with my 
database stuff :)), there's a way to compress data and let it 'searchable': just pass 
it through a filter and put everything in a more compact format (for example, change 
plain text dates to a Unix timestamp, ...). I think part of this can already be done 
by a proper configuration of the logging options of Radiator, but I can't advice on 
that as I don't use text logging.

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