Hi Mike,

Mike McCauley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This looks like a message from the NAS saying it rebooted or restarted.

yes, the message looks like a reboot message, but the NAS has an uptime of
about 30 days. I don't know, why this message is send out. ;-)

> Its a bit hard to say without seeing your configuration file, but it sounds
> like a reasonable response. The best solution would be to arrange for such
> "realmless" requests to be handled by one of your existing Handlers.

Lets have a short look over my radius.cfg:

# Section 1
# general things

port, logfiles, pidfiles, dictionary etc.
# Section 2
# Clients

<Client aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd>
        Secret  <secret>
        DupInterval 120
        IdenticalClients aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd
# Section 3
# Realm

<Realm customergroup1>
        MaxSessions     2
        AcctLogFileName %L/cg1.detail
        PasswordLogFileName %L/cg1.log

        <AuthBy DBFILE>
                Filename        %D/cg1.db


<Realm customergroup2>


Each Request come from another Radiator, which acts as a Proxy
(with Auth RADIUS), and each Request with an Username is rewriten
to exactly one customergroup. So there is one realm which fits.

I think, the best is to have a DEFAULT Realm which only ACKs the Accounting
Packets (and not even one Auth-Packet ;-) and logs them into a detail


      AcctLogFileName %L/stupid.detail

logs the Accounting Requests and doesn't ACK them.


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