Well I can't say that I have used anything but what I am about to mention
but I have found our Ascend Max4000(with 42 modems and some ISDN) and
Max2000(28 modems and some ISDN also)

They have been nothing but stable over the past year and more importantly
the support from Aus Ascend has been great. There are a lot of people who
will poo poo the Ascend gear but as a RAS they are great, I think you will
find most problems occur when you start pushing them to do OPSF and other
fancy stuff on top of the dial ins and ISDN, but that's why we just spent
+$10K on a Cisco.

BTW anyone know of a good Cisco mailling list?


At 09:41 8/07/1999 +1000, you wrote:
>I have Cisco AS5200's, Bay 5399's and Lucent PM3 Access servers.
>I've found Lucent to be the best with modem code and performance.  Some may
>disagree I'm not interested in an argument I own these three brands and I'm
>going on my personal experience dialling into them and from customer support
>Others, I can't really compare. I don't trust anyone who has only used one
>type of access server and happens to say their one is the best, it could
>well be the best however how have they compared their one to others?
>Order of my personal preference:
>1. Lucent
>2. Cisco
>3. Bay
>BTW: None are perfect, I can find modems that will not connect to each one
>of these, but between the 3 brands and some modem tweaking I can get nearly
>all clients online, if I can't their modem is usually stuffed or will only
>connect to analog access servers (Usually a V.FC modem).
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