> That Bay stuff has got to be crap :) I don't need to drive my car
> into a tree to imagine what would happen to me :)

Whilst this is getting off-topic, Leigh did not mention the version of modem
code (shown by 'modem -v') or boot code (shown by 'stats') he was running on
the Bay 5399s.  Upgrading to either X15.1.7 or X16.0.1 and using version 49
modem code (available in X16.0.1) alleviates many modem connection issues.
There is far more to a NAS than the hardware or a model number.

(And just to be on topic, upgrading from R16.0 to X16.0.1 will fix a bug
whereby Stop records were missing the Connect-Info, Annex-Transmit-Speed and
Annex-Receive-Speed attributes for analog calls.)


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