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On Jul 22, 11:23am, Dave Close wrote:
> Subject: (RADIATOR) Call-check
> My Lucent (Livingston) PortMasters are capable of using a feature named
> "call-check". With this feature, the PM sends an authentication request
> before it accepts an incoming call. The request specifies the
> phone-number from which the call is coming as the user name. Radius has
> the opportunity to reject the call immediately and return a busy signal
> to the caller. Alternatively, the call can be accepted and the caller
> then put through the normal authentication process.
> I have over 100 PortMasters world-wide and I'd like to use this feature
> on most of them. However, if I enable the feature and Radiator is not
> set-up to process the requests, the PMs will default to rejecting the
> call and all callers will get busies. So I believe it is imperative to
> get Radiator properly configured first.
> According to Lucent, the proper way to respond to most call-check
> requests is with a single users file entry like this at the very end of
> the file.
>   DEFAULT  Service-Type = Call-Check
> Because this line contains no reply items, the PM treats the response
> as an indication that the call should be accepted but the caller put
> through the normal authentication process.

I would expect Radiator to do the same thing with such an entry, provided
Call-Check was defined as a Service-Type in your dictionary. I dont know what
thet right value for that Service-Type is, p[erhaps you could see it in the
latest dictionary from Lucent?

Note that the DEFAULT user entry will only fire if there is not a specific user
entry that matches (and this would be the case with a call-check request, no
user name, but with Service-Type set to Call-Check)

> If I add this line to my users file, my Radiator log file (2.13.1, at
> trace level 3) starts recording lines like the following.
>   Wed Jul 21 17:37:10 1999: INFO: Access rejected for joeblow:
>   Check item Service-Type value 'Call-Check' does not match
>   'Framed-User' in request
> "joeblow" is a valid user with a proper entry earlier in the users
> file. These messages continue at a high rate until I remove the DEFAULT
> line from the users file.

That seems to indicate to me like Radiator received a normal login request for
joeblow, but that it did not match the user-specific entry for joeblow, it
therfore fell through to the DEFAULT, which dod not match either (becuase the
Service-Type was not Call-Check)

Can you please send a bit more of your radiator log file at trace level 4,
showing the incoming packet dump, and the processing that follows.

I would really expect what you have done to work, but check your dictionary.


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