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> My Lucent (Livingston) PortMasters are capable of using a feature named
> "call-check". With this feature, the PM sends an authentication request
> before it accepts an incoming call. The request specifies the
> phone-number from which the call is coming as the user name. Radius has
> the opportunity to reject the call immediately and return a busy signal
> to the caller. Alternatively, the call can be accepted and the caller
> then put through the normal authentication process.
> I have over 100 PortMasters world-wide and I'd like to use this feature
> on most of them. However, if I enable the feature and Radiator is not
> set-up to process the requests, the PMs will default to rejecting the
> call and all callers will get busies. So I believe it is imperative to
> get Radiator properly configured first.
> According to Lucent, the proper way to respond to most call-check
> requests is with a single users file entry like this at the very end of
> the file.
>   DEFAULT  Service-Type = Call-Check
> Because this line contains no reply items, the PM treats the response
> as an indication that the call should be accepted but the caller put
> through the normal authentication process.
> If I add this line to my users file, my Radiator log file (2.13.1, at
> trace level 3) starts recording lines like the following.
>   Wed Jul 21 17:37:10 1999: INFO: Access rejected for joeblow:
>   Check item Service-Type value 'Call-Check' does not match
>   'Framed-User' in request
> "joeblow" is a valid user with a proper entry earlier in the users
> file. These messages continue at a high rate until I remove the DEFAULT
> line from the users file.

Thanks to Mike McCauley and Bernd Strehhuber for the replies. I've got 
it figured out. Actually, Bernd gave me the necessary clue.

My configuration had never before used Handlers, only a default Realm. 
Adding the call-check stuff to the end of the configuration file was 
essentially pointless because the default Realm appeared earlier. 
Converting to using two Handlers, one for call-check first and one for 
everything else second, has cleared up the problem nicely.

I guess I had basically ignored the Handler stuff in the manual, 
figuring I'd get back to it someday after I had things working. Well, 
now was the time.
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