Hi Cameron -

On Mon, 09 Aug 1999, Cameron Andrews wrote:
> Hi guys,
>       Got a small problem,  below is my AuthSQL with my AuthSelect in it, but
> for some reason the encrypted passwords dont appear to be working, people can
> login supplying anything for their password, could someone please show me what
> to do to fix this little problem, thanx..
> AuthSelect select ENCRYPTEDPASSWORD, concat('Expiration = 
>',FROM_UNIXTIME(TERM_DATE,'%%b %%d %%Y')), if(IPNUMBER,concat("Framed-IP-Address = ", 
>where USERNAME='%n'
> EncryptedPassword
> AuthColumnDef 1, Expiration, check
> AuthColumnDef 2, GENERIC, reply
> AuthColumnDef 3, GENERIC, check
> AuthColumnDef 4, GENERIC, reply
> AddToReply 

I don't think there is anything wrong with your AuthSelect, rather your users
file or SQL database has a DEFAULT user in it without a password. Please
send us your config file (no secrets) and a debug trace (level 4) so we can see
what is happening.



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