Hello Oliver -

On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, O Stockhammer wrote:
> Hi,
>       We were wondering if the AuthBy SQL accting tables and
> "AcctColumnDef" specifically can be configured to send a line of text
> specified in the radius.cfg file.
>       Because we have a backup server and a main auth server, we want to
> set up radiator to send an additional accting line which specifies which
> radius the request came through.  We will be using a centralized db for
> all the accting info and so it is important that we can tell which
> radiator the requests are coming from.  Is there any directive that will
> do this?

Yes there is. 

Have a look at AcctSQLStatement (Section 6.24.11 in the Radiator
2.14.1 reference manual). AcctSQLStatement allows you to define one or more
SQL statements to be executed for every accounting request, so you should be
able to do what you require.

>       Also, we will need to get a second license from you folks for the
> backup radiator server.  

I've asked Joanne to take care of this.



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