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On Thu, 12 Aug 1999, Paul Black wrote:
> >%_Hi Hugh,
> I have been running Livingston Radius for the last couple of years. I had it
> setup with a Livingston menu so that customers could login with a prefix of M
> to bring up a menu to select the machine to rlogin to for shell access. This
> is especially improtant for my UUCP customers (who have now not been able to
> connect for 2 weeks).
> I discussed this with Mike McCauley who said that Radiator does not support
> Livingston Menu's but that it does support radius login prefixes. I need to
> setup a login prefix of U to allow my UUCP customers to rlogin to the correct
> machine. I suspect that the prefix handling code for Radiator has not been
> fully tested. pm1 is my PortMaster and does 
> resolve.
> My radius.cfg file is attached as is my users file.

Well, I have just spent quite some time testing the Prefix and Suffix code, and
I am happy to report that it does work correctly.

I did however discover that the order of the user Check items is important and
therein lies your problem - the "Prefix = U" must appear *before* the "AuthType
= System", otherwise the userid *including* the "U" is checked.

Therefore you should have something this:

DEFAULT Prefix = U, Auth-Type = System, Client-Id = pm1
        Service-Type = Login-User,
        Login-IP-Host = ice.triode.net.au,
        Login-Service = Rlogin,
        Framed-IP-Address =

This will check for "U" as the first character of a login, strip it off and
check the remaining string according to "AuthType = System", as well as
checking that the request came from "pm1".

If all of the above, it will reply with the remaining Reply items (I am not
certain that the "Framed-IP-Address" is relevant in this case).

We have modified the reference manual to reflect the correct order.

thanks for your help with this - let us know how you get on...


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