Thanks Hugh,

A difficult little puzzle is solved. I'm very relieved to be able to give
access back to my shell based customers.

Regards.  Paul

> Well, I have just spent quite some time testing the Prefix and Suffix code, and
> I am happy to report that it does work correctly.
> I did however discover that the order of the user Check items is important and
> therein lies your problem - the "Prefix = U" must appear *before* the "AuthType
> = System", otherwise the userid *including* the "U" is checked.
> Therefore you should have something this:
> DEFAULT Prefix = U, Auth-Type = System, Client-Id = pm1
>         Service-Type = Login-User,
>         Login-IP-Host =,
>         Login-Service = Rlogin,
>         Framed-IP-Address =

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