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> My radio (original, not UE) just died.  It was on standby showing the
> time yesterday and now it's just totally powered down.
> I've checked the wall-wart PSU and it is still putting out 18 volts on
> the concentric connector that goes into the back of the radio.
> What's the most likely cause of this total failure?  Is there an
> internal PSU inside which fails?
> I am reasonably proficient in electronics, I can solder and replace
> chips, etc.  and have quite a range of test equipment (including a
> 'scope even!).  However I'm not really keen to attack surface mount
> devices.
> -- 
> Chris Green
You could try unplugging and replugging the power connecter in the back
of the radio. Sometimes the radio does not recognise that a power supply
is connected. Try a few times if it doesn't work first time. 

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