Hi all,

I have enabled debug logging for the rhapsody plugin. In the log I get

[18-03-10 17:26:46.1908]
Slim::Plugin::RhapsodyDirect::ProtocolHandler::handleDirectError (157)
Direct stream failed: [400] HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

However, if I copy the link from the previous request 

[18-03-10 17:26:46.1031]
Slim::Plugin::RhapsodyDirect::ProtocolHandler::__ANON__ (379)
getTrackInfo ok: {
account => {
cobrandId => 60_301,
logon => "...",
playbackSessionId => "...:squeezebox3.logitech",
mediaUrl =>

and paste it into Chrome then the song is played without any issues. I
can even use the URL with curl in a terminal window. So I guess, the
error is somewhere inside the plugin? Any thoughts on this would be

BR, Philip

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