Last night, 4/15 PM, while the time was displaying I did get the Boom
streaming a station. While it continued to stream the audio the display
showed the station data...however it was for a different station! While
streaming the audio, the display switched to showing... "can't
connect...left to go back, push knob to" That eventually went away and
the display started showing the wrong station again on display. Very
unusual behavior. Pressing the Pwr Button, took about 30 seconds and
then switched off. My phone APP "SB Player" still shows about every 20
seconds, "command stream error".."reconnecting". The Squeeze Connect APP
used with SB Player no longer works due to loss of connection. So, not
just my BOOM radio issue.

Thank you very much for these details! It kind of matches what we're seeing: that service instances is handling the slimproto connection for your device. Controllers (such as the SB Player) would use a different protocol, and rely on the database to tell what slimproto service instance the player was connected to. Now that particular service instance is complaining about requests for players which it believes are not connected to it. As if the database was out of sync. Or the player was actually connected to some other server/instance.


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