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I was looking at your "form control & properties" document on your website.
It doesn't (yet) show TEXTVALUE as being available for DBGrids.

I guess I'll have to play around with this (is it in Enterprise only? One of my 10 clients is not on enterprise as we transition off DOS). The command doesn't seem to make sense to me, however. You assign a ComponentID to the Grid itself, not to a particular field. So it looks like you have to be IN the secondary field and
then assign the value on entry into that field?

If so, that's not what I was looking for. Let's say you're in the first column, a CustomerID. You choose a CustomerID, and you want another field farther down the row be assigned a particular lookup discount% (editable, so no form variable). When you exit the CustomerID field, how can you make that other field have the discount% in it
right away, without having the user actually go into that field?

Again, sorry if I'm not understanding your examples.

Nothing will make sense until you use the right version/build and understand the purpose behind the PROPERTY <EnhancedDBGridControl> TEXTVALUE 'value' command when used for
Enhanced DB Grid control.

This command and technique, as clearly illustrated in three images, will change the value of "any selected cell" of the Enhanced DB Grid. So, the emphasis is on the "selected cell".

In Enhanced DB Grid, you don't assign the ComponentID to a particular field; instead you assign to Enhanced DBGrid itself. Then, use all cool options to accomplish your goal.

For more details, supported commands, and examples, refer to R:Docs X (Version 10).

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